“Universities Are an Absolute Wreck…” or Why Higher Ed Is Essentially Useless, Right Now


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Moderation in Everything

I found this little chart on Facefuck Facebook of all places. I thought it brilliant:


No, the Planet Isn’t Going to Hell.

You’d know this is you stopped listening to the mainstream and politicized ends f the media, and started looking at facts. (Raw facts and numbers are the enemy of established narratives…)

The various large media groups, politicians, terrorists, and reforms — all one of the same, in my opinion — would have you think the world is going to hell (literally, in the case of religious types and environmental doomsayers.) However, a quick shufty at what’s actually happening paints a different picture: world income averages are rising (hastening the death of the middle-class, both by people joining the ranks of the “wealthy” or failing to make that mark); deforestation and CO2 emissions have been falling and the population is headed for “peak people” as folks get wealthy and do what they do when they happens — stop having scads of kids in the hopes they will have some stability for their family; violence — even the state-sponsored kinds like war and policing — is seeing a steady drop around the world; technological developments like 3D printing and robotics are about to kick the bottom out of Big Pharma and Big Medicine, Big Industry.

If anything, these trends — created by capitalism and entrepreneurialism — have been exposing how utterly slow, useless, and destructive traditional forms of industry, bankng, and government is at, well, anything but fleecing their customers and constiuents. The corruption built into political systems exacerbates the weaknesses of Big Business that are exposued by the creation of new forms of currency like bitcoin, and cheap DIY technologies like 3D printing, self-publishing in the arts, and crowdsourcing.

The parasitic behavior of government has angered billions, world-wide, have led subversion of the system, as we’ve seen with the near-ubiquitous use of sousveillance and information access through the internet against corruption and state violence; or they’ve led to resentful retrenchment into traditional structures — religious fanaticism, calls for the statist action to “do something” on [name your issue], and a focus on finding the worst political candidates possible. (The Untied States is leading the way on shit politicians this year. USA! USA!) Those that can’t think outside of the traditional structures and ideologies are in for a very rough ride over the next few decades. As those people who cannot adapt tend to be older — and we have a massive surplus of aging Baby Boomers, worldwide — we can expect a lot of complaining and resistance to the systemic disruption these changes will bring from doomsayers who cannot come to grips with these changes.

Calm the F@#$ Down: How Your Fear of Everything is Misplaced


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Don’t take my word for it. Here’s the self-proclaimed “world’s worst mom”…

Quote of the Day: Sigmund Freud


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A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.

General Introduction to Psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud

Free Speech — Only Just Less Important Than Your Own Heart Beat


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Here’s Stossel‘s piece on censorship in the United States and in the Western world.

Why Is Flying So Expensive?

Not for the reasons you think…

Quote of the Day: George Washington



So true is it that men close their eyes on encroachments committed by that party to which they are attached, in the delusive hope that power, in such hands, will always be wielded against their adversaries, never against themselves.

The Life of George Washington Volume 1

Scott Adams Predicts Trump Will Win the Presidency


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…and with good reason…

Another Example of How the FDA Screws Patients


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