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The Five Most Historically Significant Pistols

The Firearm Blog had a nice post and video on the “top 5 most historically significant pistols.” They use the very specific term “pistol” to mean semi-automatic pistols, not revolvers — a fairly modern distinction, as most handguns were referred to as pistols for much of history. Even so, some of their choices are intriguing…

The Mauser M1896 Broomhandle is hard to argue with, although you could make a good case that the Borchardt pistol, from which both the Mauser and the Luger draw from, would be a more important pistol for the purposes of innovation, if not longevity.

The Luger 9mm, of course, is an excellent choice. It brought us the most popular cartridge in the world, the action was simple and robust, and it remained popular well past the point when it had been overtaken by better weapons.

The FM M1900 is another excellent choice — it’s the first iteration of the Browning pistols and led to the likes of the 1911A1 and the Browning High Power. Almost every semi-automatic pistol is based on this venerable design. It was the most popular “pocket pistol” in the world until the 1950s. The .32 round was a popular cartridge with police in Europe and is still in use today.

The 1911A1 is, in many ways, a refinement of the M1900. It served the US military for  about 75 years as a standard issue sidearm, and still sees use in police and military units worldwide because of its robust and reliable design.

The H&K VP70Z is innovative in that it set the stage for the arrival of Glock and other polymer-framed, striker-fired autos.

Patent Reform


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From Reason Magazine:

How to End Poverty in the South Bronx

From Reason Magazine:

To the American Firearms Manufacturers…



Here’s a nice companion piece for the South Carolina nonsense…

Kalashnikov is releasing a new 9mm pistol called the Lebedev —

---------------------------------_---------------------660x459Note, US gun manufacturers, the fully ambidextrous controls. That’s right, gun companies, there are these strange aberrations in humankind called “lefties” — sometimes they’re fully left-handed, sometimes they shoot left handed because they’re left eye dominant. And strangely, it’s much easier for them to use your product when the safety and slide catch levers are on the right side of the pistol. Added bonus is you put the magazine release there, as well.

But — that’s expensive! Not if you design your new guns to be fully ambi, period.

Even old designs like the 1911 can easily be made ambi, at least for the slide stop and slide catch. So just do it for every gun and you have an economy of scale. It’s cheaper than knocking out the occasional ambi gun for “those people”.

And ho are you calling “those people”, anyway!

SC Psycho Means More Attempts to Disarm Americans


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Stop if you’ve heard this one: Some racist turdbag walks into a black church and shoots it up. Naturally, the gun is at fault…

If the church shooting, which is certainly a horrific crime, but would a kid this filled with hatred have committed murder had he not gained access to a gun? A pickup truck (it’s South Carolina…stereotype much, Scott?) is a good weapon — three tons of plastic and metal kills really effectively, even when your target’s in another vehicle. Knives seem pretty damned effective, as one who has been stabbed. Ever had someone drum on your skull with a baseball bat or claw hammer? You’d wish it had been a gun. (By the way, up until very recently, most murders in the United States were committed with the good ol’ Louisville Slugger, according to the FBI crime stats.)

So, do we address the kid that committed the act? Nope — time to have yet another “national debate” on guns from Progressives who want to disarm folks so they can’t say “no” to whatever lunacy the political class wants to foist on us. You know…the debate they’ve lost repeatedly since the Second Amendment was penned to keep the political class from running roughshod over the people. Like passing disastrous health care laws that enrich insurance companies and bankrupt middle class Americans.

But this time, we get to see how the political class pulls together on things like this. Enter infamous gasbag Karl Rove — mastermind of a couple of useless wars and “compassionate conservatism” (catchy!) — a conservative repackaging of Progressive ideas with a bit of God thrown in.

There’s been a lot of gnashing of teeth on the conservative (and libertarian) wing of the Republican party concerning John Boehner and the establishment’s willingness to accede to policies that might be considered progressive. That’s because the average American does not understand that both parties are steeped in Progressivism, and have been since Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency. modern conservatism simply retains the Christian reformist streak that was so prevalent in progressivism before being an atheist and lightweight socialist became hip in Democratic circles in the 1930s.

More than their ideology, however, is that all of these people, in both party leadership — both elected and appointed — are from the same class of people: kids of academics or government functionaries, educated in the Ivy League, mingling at the same social and country clubs, marrying into each other’s families, sitting on the same boards of think tanks and companies. They view you simply as something to be milked for cash and obedience. And lately, the American people have been a bit restive and uncooperative when they’ve wanted to start a new war (Syria), let bankers off the hook for what is economic terrorism, then tax them more for the opportunity (Tea Parties, at the beginning), wreck their health care (ACA), give their money to illegal aliens, and then try to disarm them.

But it’s been a few news cycles since the standoff at the Bundy Ranch nearly caused civil war in the American Southwest, and there’s been a few murders with guns. LEt’s try that last bit again. If we get their guns, they can’t fight back! This time, however, the progressives might finally have some allies — tied of being bucked by the People — on the conservative side.

Meanwhile, in China — 33 dead and 130 injured in a knife attack. Sound familiar? When are we going to have a national debate on banning knives?

Your Monday Zen with Tardy the Turtle



You’re welcome, world.

Hit With Asset Forfeiture? Here’s How “Easy” It Is To Fight Back


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Image courtesy of the Heritage Foundation…

Easy peasy!

Easy peasy!

Missing the Obvious on Computer Security



In an event that should have surprised no one, the Office of Personnel Management was hacked — most likely by the Chinese government — and the records more 4 million current federal employees released into the wild, including those of personnel with high-level security clearances. Like covert agents, for example.

From Wired to the newrags to the morons we’ve placed in charge, there will inevitably be a new push for “cybersecurity” legislation that will further intrude into people’s lives. The buzz words will be encryption, quantum computing, access management, breech prevention…and none of it is going to work 100% of the time.

What you won’t hear is the staggeringly obvious. Take the damned secured information off the damned internet. One more time: Do not pull your damned computer with secret intelligence or information into the internet. You desperately need to pass the data back and forth immediately? (And no…you don’t.) Come up with an intranet that does not connect to the outside world. Have a dedicated series of machines you can shift the data to with a thumb drive, then send. Couriers.

If it’s really that important: Do not put it on the internet!

The cost of this new security roll-out? The cost of paying your IT guys to pull the ethernet cables out of the desktops and to shut down the Wifi you should n’t have had up and running in your secured facility in the first place.

Iraq War, Part Three!


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After desperately trying to gin up support from the American public for yet another Middle Eastern war, only t be told — resoundingly — to go pound Iraqi sand, now we’re being told that the Islamic State in Syria (ISIS) has “enough nuclear material to build a dirty bomb.” You may now panic. Done? Good.

It was an excuse so good, we’re going to use it a second time!

So, where did ISIS get this material? I know that Saddam supposedly had nuk-u-ler material lying all over the place, just waiting for the right moment to leap into action, and that was why we had to raid the country. Maybe they found it in that broom closet we missed? Maybe they got it from Pakistan, as the Indian intelligence services claimed — because Pakistan is, for the Indians (and much like the Israelis for the Muslim world, are) responsible for everything from sunspots to hair loss.

Or could this all be another round of bullshit..?



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