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Quote of the Day: Joost A M Meerloo

The totalitarian mind does not observe and verify its impressions of reality; it dictates to reality how it shall behave, it compels reality to conform to its fantasies.

Joost A M Meerloo, Rape of the Mind: The Psychology of Thought Control

This statement explains much about the current thinking of millennials — divorced from reality, credulous to the point of stupidity, and desperate to mold reality to their desires, they are the perfect audience for the would-be aristocrats around the world.

Where Did ISIS Come From?


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Here’s an excellent piece by Ben Swann putting together all the news reports and facts you didn’t pay attention to until there was a “humanitarian crisis” attached to it.

Simply put — American nation-building efforts hollowed out a country and created a breeding ground for these creatures. But it’s not ineptitude, it’s hubris, that made ISIS jump from a bunch of punks to a small, but global, terror player today. President Obama insisted on playing around in awful but stable countries like Libya, Egypt, and Syria, and weakened those regimes. Evil little men like John “Angry Gnome” McCain and Lindsey “Bring the War to the Homeland” Graham pushed to help the “poor rebels” because these bastards love the idea of getting your kids killed in glorious combat. Worse, McCain — a bumbling moron since he came out of the Naval Academy — even put his pasty, fat mug out there to show his approval for the raping, beheading pricks he’s now claiming to hate.

Worse, is that the Ivy League political class in both parties, are so assured of their positions and superiority, that they push this policy of nation-building, even in the face of complete failures like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, and Syria. Both parties. And the idiots in both parties rail against the wars of “the other side” while they tout “their side.” Try finding an anti-war Democrat…I’ll wait.

These “smart people” we have in office are puppets. The half-assed bombing runs against ISIS aren’t meant to destroy them, but keep them contained and active, to keep the money flowing for banks and oil companies that are profiting with these monsters; to keep the military contractors making money on their gear as we sell it to the Free Syrian Army, only to have it pushed to ISIS. That’s not a “bug”‘ that’s a “feature” of this low, “manageable” conflict. If we put people into Syria, it will be a replay of the same nonsense we saw in Iraq and Afghanistan — fighting just enough to pretend we’ll win any day, while extending the conflict as long as possible to keep the money flowing.

The refugee crisis and the inevitable terror cell attacks that will be linked (rightly or wrongly) to them, are meant to engender public sentiment to keep this fight going. It’s all a show, and one which your “news” agencies are actively complicit in.

Insanity Rules at University of Missouri (and All of Academia)


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This seemed particularly timely in light of the rampant insanity that is going on at the University of Missouri…

The absolute lunacy of allowing alleged young adults — whinging children, really — to demand resignations of faculty for imagined slights (as t Yale), requiring apologies from the administration; for a professor of little note to openly threaten a student reporter with violence at University of Missouri; for black students to concoct an “event” (to be kind) by the Ku Klux Klan on campus (since proved a hoax) — these are all the natural outgrowth of a spoiled, lazy culture, where kids were raised to not have their “feelz” hurt — reality be damned — and made worse by 50 years of academic malfeasance and idiocy, where professors framed every single aspect of human endeavor in the tired dialectic lens of “oprressed-oppressor” making everyone a victim due to the sex, race, heritage, sexuality, and framing it in post-colonial (itself a cheap knock-off of Marxist dialectic, just with imperial power v. colony as the axis of power) narratives where whitey, the Patriarchy™, or straight due are “colonizing” the [enter your favorite cause this week.]

When you push this sort of bullshit into the center of every part of human life, don’t be surprised when it bites you on the ass. Now those spoiled brats you raised to think they were the victim and entitled to having their feelings ensconced in a warm Snuggy of Approval® are finished going after the counter-revolutionaries they think they’ve cowed into submission (just wait ’til you get a real job, Sunshine!), so they’re feasting on the insufficiently enthusiastic members of their own tribe.

Quick Review: SPECTRE



Ignore the prats in the professional review media — this is a solid Bond movie. It’s not quite up to Casino Royale for quality, but it is better  than Skyfall. Here’s why this is a superior outing to its predecessor, and probably deserves to be in the top five Bond movies.

While there is a long of bitching about the pacing and length of the movie — and the latter is certainly a valid complaint of nearly ever blockbuster movie of the last 15 years, the pacing of SPECTRE is quick, with the necessary breathers to let character and plot unfold, and the view to gain relief from the action. (This is something action movies have seemed to forget — release and rebuild…just like older men. Looking at you Mad Max: Fury Road…) The action sequences, from the superlative fight/’splosions/chase through the Dia de los Muertos parade in Mexico City, to the car chase in Rome (which the Jaguar should have handily given Bond’s DB10 it’s ass), to the snow chase (the entire piece is an open homage to On Her Majesty’s Secret Service), to the other excellent action set pieces are well-aced, last just long enough to wind the viewer up…then they END.

The other complaint is that this is less emotional a story than Casino Royale or Skyfall…wrong. The piece weaves together all of the Craig movies into a single story: the introduction of Blofeld as someone that has been in and out of Bond’s life since childhood was well-done and provides Bond with a nemesis that is, in every way, his antithesis, as well as giving the villain a reason to have a personal beef with our anti-hero. It draws on the pains of Vesper and M’s losses, and how Bond has integrated those losses and moved on. The character has become blase and had found his humor, but it is still armor to protect him from the world. The female lead isn’t worthless. She’s smart, actively aids Bond, still judges him and tried to force him to be better than he is, as Vesper did. But most importantly, there is humor in this movie; this has been missing since Casino Royale. The movies are generally good (save Quantum of Solice), well-made, but they are serious. Not The Dark Knight serious, but they’re not campy Moore period Bond. This film is fun.

The acting is good, and my main complaint is that Monica Bellucci — who at 50 is still sexier than all of the Bond girls for the last 25 years combined — does not get near enough screen time. In fact, she could have easily taken the place of the still-good Lea Seydoux. All the background characters — M, Q, and Moneypenny get to do things and it works.

The main plot is pretty obvious, as all of the older Bond pics were, as well: there’s a big conspiracy behind all the events of the last three movies, and that group, SPECTRE, is planning to gain control of the world’s intelligence agencies. Realistic? Maybe not. But it’s good Bond fodder. It sure as shit beats the “I get captured to make my master plan work” plot device that Hollywood’s been using for about a decade…and guess what? It was a shit plan and gimmick the first time it was rolled out, but Skyfall did it at the same time as Star Trek: Into Darkness and The Avengers. There were plot holes the size of a helicarrier in Skyfall and the villain was, while amusing (I liked Silva, really!), he was never sinister. Christopher Waltz’s Blofeld is sinister (and doesn’t get enough screen time.)

So, SPECTRE on my scale is a firm “worth full price”. It’s a slick, well-made Bond film.

Run For Your Life…Charlie Brown!


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John Carpenter. Grown-up Peanuts characters. Slasher flicks.

It’s not like your work isn’t still gonna be there in a few minutes, so get to watching!

Wired Goes Full Retard on the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal


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Ah, Wired — i remember when you were a magazine angled at people who were interested in science and emerging computer and electronics markets, but publishing has steadily moved away from niche ‘zines towards mediocre puff pieces to separate the ads for TAG Heuer, Kenneth Cole, Lincoln, and — oooh, Microsoft Cloud (that’s enough tech shit, back to Movado and other glitzy lifestyle brands!) You can’t blame them, I suppose; most of their business is online, now, and getting eyeballs to look at your ads on the sidebars requires clickbait — intriguing, important, or funny taglines to get people to have a look…like “Wired Goes Full Retard”… (Ooh, a pop culture reference!) Here, the clickbait is a lamentable piece of steaming monkey shit called “New Study Links VW’s Emissions Cheating to 60 Early Deaths”.

FUCK!!!! Congress and Obama better get the 86th Wing up and bombing the snot out of Wolfsburg before they kill again!

Except…it’s a load of bunk. A quick look at the piece shows you why Wired is about as reliable as a year-old Tesla. The premise is that the nitrogen oxide levels your Passat is kicking out are 40x what they are supposed to be. Okay — that could be bad. Should it be fixed? Yes. Should VW get fined for it? Sure. Are they destroying the planet and killing old people and babies? Only if badly driven. But this does not fit the narrative.

They cite a study by an “emissions researcher” at MIT who found this scandal was perfect for testing his new computer model on pollutants. Well, that sounds a bit suspicious, right away. As we all know, computer models have been staggeringly accurate at predicting activity in large, highly chaotic systems like weather (it was supposed to be sunny today…it’s rainy and gray), or long term temperature trends (oh, that 15 year dip in runaway climatic heating is a bit embarrassing, ennit? Say…we’re we supposed to be underwater, by now?)

This model “proves” “back-of-the-envelope calculations from the New York TimesVox (possibly the largest collection of congenital idiots in current events publishing right now), and other news organizations” that VW’s emissions increases could have lead the the early deaths of tens of people in the US alone! Tens! We are breathlessly being told how super-smart and prescient the “news” organizations are when they aren’t jumping to incorrect conclusions on just about everything else. Keep in mind that Communications & Journalism is the major you go into when subjects like engineering, physics, and art history are just too hard. I am sure, however, that

Worse, these tens of people, and the presumably hundreds of others than could suffer heart or lung disease we are assured NOx causes will cost $450 million over the next ten to twenty years. Terrible! The federal government spends more than that in a similar time period on unauthorized funny music videos of their employees wasting your time and money.

Shut up, Scott, you say; this study was peer reviewed!!! Peer review is like slapping “organic” on a food label — It must be accurate, right? Other scientists — in no way similarly motivated by enviro-activism that infects just about every credulous, under-educated member of “journalism.” Maybe the author should have been as suspicious of this story as she was of the much-hyped and totally ridiculous bacon causes cancer story, but my suspicion is she loves bacon and hates the internal combustion engine.

Snowden and the Problem with Whistleblowing


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Edward Snowden wasn’t the first person to try and ring attention to the misdeeds of the Amerian intelligence services. Prior to him, Tom Drake, Bill Binney, Kirk Wiebe, and Ed Loomis all attempted to go through “proper channels” and were shut down and harassed with federal charges.

So when your government refuses to acknowledge or correct their illegal or unethical behavior, what can you do..?

Colorado MJ Dealers Can’t Find a Place to Bank


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Reminder, potheads — just because it’s “legal” in your state doesn’t mean it’s legal. There’s that pesky national supremacy clause; federal law is you shit is illegal. Since it is, you can’t get a bank account, and even if you did, the DEA could then just scoop the money under asset forfeiture.

This is why the feds have been letting dispensaries in various states operate for a few year or two, then they charge in and take everything.

How Sword Fighting Really Worked


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Here’s a documentary Back to the Source from the Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) regarding how traditional views of sword fighting were crafted by stage and movie performance, not reality.


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