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Here’s the video of the Fullerton Police killing Kelly Thomas. Oh, not all at once, mind you…it took him a few days in the ICU to pass.

Radley Balko over at The Agitator says it best: “But these are the people we entrust with the exclusive power to use coercive force—which we do in the interest of protecting the public. Days after the beating, one of these animals called into a radio show to boast about it. The night of the beating, one of them demanded treatment for a scrape on his elbow as Thomas lay dying a few feet away”

This is one of the reasons public use of cameras to monitor police (souveillance [observing from below]) is such a good thing:

Finally, however, three of the officers are already being charged, despite efforts by the Fullerton Police and the district attorney to obfuscate and avoid responsibility for the violence committed by these animals with badges.