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You know what this nation really needs? No, not more jobs, or less spending by your government officials, or even some adherence to the rule of law…no, what we really need is 160 pages of up your craw food regulations for school lunches.

We all know that parents are incompetent boobs who can’t feed their children properly, so let’s let a bunch of government functionaries and a committee of Congresspeople — definitely the most experienced and expert folks we can find to meddling in your dietary activites — to save us all from the dangers of obesity.

You want to feed your kids well? Take a damned interest in your child and pack their lunch with healthy food. (Although I’m sure it won’t be long before you can do that.) If your a lazy clot that wants to relie on the school cafeteria, go ahead. But I doubt the school food is making your kid fat — we had similarly crappy food when I was a kid — it might be the lack of exercise they get because you park them in front of a game console all day. And even that is none of my (or any one else’s) business.