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The Alaskan GOP has had quite enough of these insurgent Republicans who actually want their political class to hew to some semblance of the rhetoric they espouse, and have launched their own insurgency to take control of the party. Russ “Millette is a Republican Liberty Caucus member who represents the more libertarian/conservative wing of the party and party insiders did not want him to take control of their party and institute reforms,” Dave Nalle of The Washington Times tells us. Worse, Millette was a Ron Paul supporter, and we’ve seen the reaction he elicited in the Progressives of the Republican Party.

Nalle’s thesis meshes well with the open cheating that the National Republican Party engaged in to get their “electable” candidate into the presidential nomination — (And that went well, huh?) from give false vote tallies, declaring Romney winner over the actual ones in Iowa, Maine, and Louisiana, before rigging the convention rules at the last minute without any real support from the GOP rank and file.

“Struggles like this are taking place all over the nation in county and state Republican parties.  Many party members are up in arms about the failures in the 2012 election, the corruption of the party leadership and their reluctance to make needed reforms and changes in strategy which would make the party politically competitive again…” [Emphasis mine.] In other words, the Old Boy network is making bank, as are their friends that are profiting from the money laundering of tax money from the Treasury through whatever boondoggle they support and leaks back into their pockets. They like the encroachment on our rights, the impoverishment of the American people, and the heightened police presence. You can’t have wealthy, free peasants. They don’t just pony up taxes and obedience. And you have to sit next to them in first class.

At heart, the Northern Lights establishment are fighting for their positions as aristocrats (as are all the other Republicans that are simply Progressive Lite and out of step with a plurality of the people around the nation.) Reason tells us, “Even more troubling to many party members was the notification right before the meeting that outgoing Chairman Randy Ruederich had cleaned out the party treasury of $35,000 and transferred the money to a bank in Juneau out of control of the Executive Committee, a classic “rule or ruin” tactic designed to make sure that if the new leadership takes over they will have no money to fund party operations…..”

And what’s the complaint of the State Executive Committee? Millette isn’t a good fundraiser and the state party is broke as a result of his tenure as finance chair. i wonder why?