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Los Angeles Police and Torrence County Police are on a manhunt for a former LAPD detective who allegedly shot three other officers. This required a massive city-wide display of force, including two different shootings of innocent people…simply because they were driving similar cars to the suspect, Christopher Jordan Dorner.

The first “incident” (the proper term is “assault with a deadly weapon”) occurred when LAPD Hollywood detectives decided to blast the crap out of two people in the first attack, and the Torence County POlice to light up another individual’s car (fortunately, they apparently don’t shoot as well as LAPD and no one was hurt in that assault.)

Their diligence in injuring uninvolved citizens, however, did not lead to the capture of the suspect, who is now loose somewhere in the Bear Mountain ski area, which is seeing a healthy hit of weather right now.

But yet civilians are too irresponsible and dangerous to be armed..