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File this under “If you’re not cop, you’re little people…”

We’ve already covered the idiocy and incompetence of the Los Angeles and Torrance police in their so-far failed manhunt for Christopher Dorner. Here ReasonTV expands on the level of violence the LAPD unleashed on two women who were alleged to be in the same sort of vehicle as Dorner (wrong.)

These weren’t the only people on the bad end of scared, angry law enforcement looking to get their own back for their “brothers” — in San Diego, a man wound up being assaulted by police in his hotel room. Once again “mistaken identity”, otherwise known as “not doing due diligence in your fucking job.”

The Dorner pursuit should bring home to every American just how dangerous our police have become to the safety of the people they allege to protect. Between the drug and terror wars, they have been given far too much license to “protect” us — from the use of god faith warrants that don’t have to be served in the case of “terror” investigations for 48 hours, to the use of armored personnel carriers, to the use of drones — the bleeding together of military and police operations, attitudes and training has certainly been a boon for the police/military-industrial complex, which recursively excuses more police empowerment; but it has also made for a police culture that views themselves as “at war” with the people they are supposed to protect, the latitude provided them has emboldened them to step beyond the law and their mandate, and the use of aset forfeiture has made policing for profit a boon for officers, departments, and local governments around the country. (So much so that the Department of Defense wants in on the action when policing on military posts.)

Police that have littel oversight, advanced weaponry, a reason to assault people — profit or power — and who view the public as prey, or worse “enemies”…and we’re asked to give up our weapons. Imagine what level of restraint these “people” would have if they didn’t have to worry about the public striking back.