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Police Chief Frank “Sticky Fingers” Fowler of Syracuse, New York told the five city counsellors of the Public Safety Committee that, concerning the department’s use of asset forfeiture monies, [Jedi hand wave] “You don’t need to know how we use that money…” [/Jedi hand wave]

What brought this on was Councilman Jake Barret’s desire to find out what they were doing with the state and federal asset forfeiture funds received after the department asked for $1.3 million for new vehicles.

“Most of this stuff is used in a covert fashion,’’ Fowler said. “We don’t want the general public or the bad guys to know what we possess.’’ [Emphasis mine] And why is that, Chief Fowler? Could it be that you are operating beyond your constitutional and legal mandates? Maybe you’re just stealing from the coffers? How could citing the number of asset seized vehicles endanger your officers…unless they vikked them for their own use.

Here’s an idea, Mr. Barrett: Freeze all money to the police department until they come clean.

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