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New York is already starting to suffer the idiocy of their legislators’ rush to ban guns. In the wake of their “assault weapons” ban, over a dozen companies are boycotting sales to New York law enforcement. I(t’s a good start, but it needs to be expanded to include all law enforcement until politicians realize they can’t use their cops to steal from the People or infringe on their rights).

The law most likely won’t survive a court challenge on constitutionality, but the Progressives are already lining up for a new attack, AO3908 — mandatory insurance. After all, if they can force you to buy health insurance…

In addition to having to carry $1 million in liability — which would almost certainly price the insurance out of the reach of the average gun owner, if a New Yorker’s weapon was stolen or lost, they would still responsible for any harm done until  loss or theft was reported to the police. The bill has already sailed through the Assembly’s Insurance Committee.

Simply put, the would-be aristocrats will not stop coming for your rights, your property, or your life until you push back — hard. It’s far past time to put aside pleasantries; get together NY gun owners, arm up, show up at the state capitol where you should be non-violent and respectful. But let them know that Admiral Yamamoto was right…if you mess with Americans, there’s a gun behind every blade of grass…and you are willing to use it.