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This has been popping up in a few places, but I’m not about to start using InfoWars s a reliable source…Reason magazine, however, has jumped in. It seems the Department of Homeland Security has been specifically asking for range targets from Law Enforcement Target, Inc. that depict various civilian archetypes for police to practice on. The obvious reason you would have target like those below are to desensitize police to killing folks that don’t fit the standard “bad guy” profile…






190213target6These “No More Hesitation” targets are (which are no longer showing on the website as of this writing) are “designed to give officers the experience of dealing with deadly force shooting scenarios with subjects that are not the norm during training…” or in real terms,  to prepare the shooter to fire on targets that would ordinarily require a few seconds’ consideration. These “scenarios” could easily be put in their real life context — you’re an officer in the course of your duty, but your duty requires you to enter a house without a warrant. You announce yourself while breaking down the door (pretty standard nowadays) to find an old woman in her kitchen who has no idea who the hell you are or why you’re there. She just hears yelling men with guns.

If you hesitate and she hesitates, no one gets killed. But because an officer’s life is now more important that the woman, or the old man in his den, or the pregnant woman in her nursery, you just let fly. Maybe you’re in plainclothes and aggress a young mother on a playground who thinks you’re a psycho pretending to be a cop to get her kid, or a college kid that couldn’t reach her rape whistle or call box in time…instead of dial the machismo down to, say, six, now you feel prepare to end somebody’s life, instead of using the six pounds of shit in your head.

Gee, I wonder why so many people suddenly feel the need to have guns…

UPDATE: Here’s LET’s Facebook page. Get the impression people aren’t too impressed?