I’ve been working on a revision for my novel, Cwnpore, which has been a bear every time it has gone back to print. It’s changed formats so many times, that it appears to have created seriously glitches in the current electronic copy on some platforms. I decided last night to table an on-going project and fix the novel, but I’ve been through this so many times that I knew I needed to do it right and retype the whole damned thing.

(Yes, I’ve stripped the file to raw text a few times, gotten rid of the metadata…didn’t work.)

Then I found something wonderful…this book has always been proofread before it goes to print, by multiple people, and still typos and grammatical errors made it through. But by typing out the manuscript again, I’m finding them and correcting them. Even at my best speed, with my time constraints and other responsibilities, it’s still going to take at least 40 hours of work to do it.

But it works: when proofreading, don’t just read — you have already read your material while writing and revising; your mind will skip over errors. Other people, software, might catch most of these, but not all. But if you are retyping, you have to see the words, their spelling, the sentences they construct. Typos stand out. Terrible phrases stand out. You can correct them.