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File this under “Yet another reason my kid’s not going to public school even if I have to go to India and sell my organs…”

There’s plenty that’s wrong with this incident: Some punk brought a gun to Cypress Lake High School in Cape Coral, Florida and threatened a few of the high schoolers, who then took his gun from him. Good job, kids! What do you get for being involved in the “incident”, though? Suspension. “The teen gunman has since been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, but without intent to kill. Other charges include possession of a firearm on school property…”

Of course, the usual collection of cowards will whinge about how the kids could have gotten shot disarming the PIQ (punk in question.) they also could have gotten shot a bit later during a rampage. The issue here is that the kids actually did something, instead of waiting to be victims; that’s what you should do when faced with bullies. You are the first responder to your attacker. The police aren’t going to be there, and the federal courts have already found the police do not have a responsibility to protect you. (So why do we have them?)

It also shows the idiocy of no-gun zones. Criminals don’t follow the law — that’s why they’re called criminals. Disarmed the population and you’ll have criminals ignore the law. That’s what they do.

I suspect the school officials are just upset they didn’t have another school shooting to bolster the Democrat push for anti-gun legislation. It’s convenient how every gun ban push is accompanied by a sudden spate of gun violence.

Yes, that’s unfair. And I don’t bloody care.