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There were a lot of servicepeople upset when the military rolled out its new Distinguished Warfare Medel (or the “Nintendo Medal” or more appropriate “Purple Buttocks” Medal, which recognizes “extraordinary achievement” related to a military operations after 9/11/2001. It was intended to recognize the cyberwarfare and drone operations that did not include the usual valor of direct combat. The medal was given precedence above the Bronze Star and Purple Heart. The new Secretary of Defense has ordered a review that looks not to remove the DWM from the ranks of military awards, but to change the precedence.

“[The Purple Buttocks] recognizes a specific type of contribution that is vital to the defense of our nation. It in no way degrades or minimizes our nation’s other important awards or the tremendous sacrifices of our men and women who earn these prestigious recognitions,” SecDef Hagel wrote.

No…not at all… The idea is that a soldier whose actions as an intelligence analyst, drone operator, or other non-combatant role significantly aid military operations would receive the medal. Good intentions, bad execution.