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Chuck “the Evil Gun Ban Guy” Schumer has finally released the language of his “background check” bill. Here’s the text of the bill.

The bill does more that “close the gun show loophole.” It uses vague language to allow law enforcement to place you in non-compliance if you were to, say, go on vacation for a week and left your weapons in your home with your roommate, spouse (the bill only covers the transfer of weapons as gifts or as part of an estate) – you would be eligible for a 5 year stay in a federal prison.

The bill also allows the Attorney General (you know, the one that wants to ban guns) sets the fee for background checks, but not the amount. So why not set it prohibitively high? There’s good ol’ registration, too, due to record keeping requirements.

Here’s a great provision: Lose your gun? Have it stolen? You have a day to report it to local and federal  authorities. It means you have to do a transfer form and a loss/theft form. What if you are broken into while away on a weekend trip. Non-compliance. Did you lose your rifle while hunting? Shame you didn’t get back to report the weapon in under a day. You’re now a felon.

Call your representatives and senators — not that it will matter if the GOP leadership is determined to pass the legislation without the support of the Republican majority. So load up and be ready; the fight’s coming to your doorstep.