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There’s so much wrong with this but let’s dial down to the main points:

1) If you have to worry about someone poisoning you at a dinner with other wanna-be aristocrats, you’re really doing a bad job.

2) You’re not a fucking king, Mr. O. You’re an elected official. If something happens to you, we get the grinning retard with the predilection to firing shotguns into the air. There’s a system to handle the loss of any official; it’s called an election.

3) It’s not the height of the Cold War — killing a president wouldn’t do much to shift US policy in any way. It certainly wouldn’t immobilize the functions of government. All that wuld happen is we’d see even more of his ass on television in the interminable pieces on how suprahumanly wonderful he was.

In short — shut the hell up and eat the lobster.