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The Portland Press Herald is reporting on the use of pepper spray to torture a restrained suspect by the “heroes” of the Maine Correctional Facility in Windham. Granted, he’s a criminal (at a minimum security prison) and a bad guy, but cuffing a guy to a chair and spraying pepper spray in his face ins’t just inappropriate — it’s assault at the very least and torture most certainly. The chief culprit here is Captain Shawn Welch, who was fired, then reinstated, after video of the incident surfaced. Note these tough guys have to wear full riot gear while they torture this guy.

Now, is the Department of Corrections investigating the incident..? Maybe, but they seem more interested in how the video leaked out. After all, where’s the fun in being a law enforcement officer if you have to worry about pesky oversight?

“Your possession of that indicates a breach of security on our part and we absolutely do need to look into that,” said Associate Commissioner Jody Breton. “We certainly will be tightening up security — where (information) is stored, who has access.”

Or you could, maybe, not torture people and you wouldn’t have to worry about it, genius.

Here’s the video.