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The kleptocracy in California has been pushing people out of the Gilded State for more than a decade (which means, unfortunately, those emigrants disperse into the rest of the nation, bringing the same terrible ideas that destroyed their state with them.) But Jerry Brown and company aren’t done driving that plane into the ground…

Let’s start with what seems like a relatively minor law, but the aspects of which are very importnat to your rights regarding presumption of innocence, to face your accuser, and to be held responsible for your actions alone. Enter AB666, which eliminates your right to a trial in the event of receiving a red light ticket (yes, you could go in front of an “administrative hearing” run by the company in charge of the red light program and for which you pay the costs of — yeah, you’ll get a fair hearing! — and which makes you responsible for the ticket no matter who was driving the car, be it your wife, kid, or that guy on his way to the chop shop with your ride. The only evidence needed to convict you of the misdemeanor is the ticket itself. Additionally, AB666 allows them to use the camera evidence for more offenses than just running a red light or speeding.

What’s the big deal, jese? It’s just a small…ish fine, and we all want safe streets, que no? You really think, once you allow them to charge you with crimes on what is essentially heresay, once you allow them to deny you a trial (or make the process of gaining a hearing onerous through fees and administrative bullshit), once you accept that you are responsible for the actions of others simply because they occurred with your property, do you really think they’ll stop at traffic offenses?

Once you relinquish your rights (in this case Amendments 4 through 6) they’re nearly impossible to retrieve from the bureaucrats that you gave them up to. So head over to stopab666.org and contact your state representatives and senators (like they’ll listen.)

You can’t give an inch, or they’ll take the whole foot.

Now let’s turn to a bigger, more egregious offense by the California crime syndicate government: In this one, the state — desperate for more money to waste on high-speed rail boondoggles and lavish lifestyles for the Sacramento gang —  “determined that a tax break claimed over the past few years by 2,500 entrepreneurs and stockholders of California-based small businesses is no longer valid…” In other words, they didn’t like that a tax break they gave entrepreneurs — you know, the folks that invent new businesses to hire folks and make new products — was cutting into the state spending spree and decided that it didn’t real count. Oops! Pay us all those back taxes, please; we even included an envelope to make it easier. Just add postage right there in the corner.

Excuse me…isn’t ex post facto law illegal under United States law? Ooooo, I think it is!

So, you obey the law and still get punished because the thieves in your state capital just don’t have enough of your money. Let me suggest you pick up operations and move to North Dakota, Utah or Texas. Oops! That’s already happening! “California’s jobless rate was unchanged at 9.8% in January for the second straight month, and that lack of improvement put the Golden State in a tie with Rhode Island for the worst unemployment in the U.S…”

Awesome job, Progressives! Way to move it forward!