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In the aftermath of the Colorado law to restrict magazine size and force onerous background checks on private sales, gun owners are looking elsewhere for their vacation plans — as well they should. In addition to losing hundreds of jobs and a sizable chunk of tax dough with the evacuation of Magpul from the state, a boycott by sportsmen and gun owners of the state could cost them as much as $700 million.

I know my planned trip for the summer was going to be a motorcycle ride up to Durango and the Million Dollar Highway…now I think I’ll go have a look at some of the national monuments in Utah, instead. I urge other gun owners to avoid vacationing or doing business in Colorado, or any other state with unconstitutional gun laws.

As for anyone that might argue we’re hurting the average Coloradan by not patronizing their state: You should have thought of that before you voted for these Progressive tools.