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The recent spate of gun control efforts aren’t working out so well for the statists that saw the Sandy Hook killings as their historic change to disarm the public and secure their kleptocratic rule. Initiatives in Washington and New Mexico have failed, dozens of states are crafting to nullify federal gun laws or simply ignore them in toto, and the Senate in DC has realized that any push for gun control had better be well hidden inside an innocuous sounding bill (S.374, the “background check” bill that is a Trojan Progressive Horse.)

Even where they have worked, the backlash has been impressive. Bill Clinton warned the Democrats that they were missing a vital element in the polling data — the fervor of opposition in those that want to protect their Constitutional rights. Now the success stories are starting to feel some heat. In New York, the kneejerk legislation led to the state banning magazines for weapons that not just disarmed the public…but police officers, as well. Following that, many manufacturers of guns and ammunition started to boycott sales to law enforcement in any state with stringent gun laws (something they should have been doing for a while now, and something they should extend to the federal government — military included.) In Connecticut  Colt Firearms is looking to remove their factories if new laws are enacted. (But true to form, they aren’t boycotting law enforcement yet.) Magpul warned they would take their hundreds of jobs and $90 million in taxes elsewhere, should Progressives pass the magazine ban in Colorado. A producer for The Outdoor Channel followed suit, moving production of four television shows out of the state.

Now sportsmen are starting to boycott Colorado (and I would suggest anyone concerned about their gun rights should, as well), according to the Colorado Springs GazetteThe hunting industry employs more than 9,000 people and brings $700 million or more to the state each year. When asked about this State Senate President John “Pussy” Morse, D-Colorado Springs opined that this was a “…hypothetical scenario[s] regarding potential impacts to tourism and hunting…”

The statement is instructive of the Progressive mindset on this — they don’t care if you get hurt or not; they want you disarmed. Similarly, the president is now looking to legislate through executive order, by instructing the BATFE to strengthen the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). To get the states to cooperate by ponyig up mental health data in direct violation of the federal HIPPA law, the Department of Justice is using their usual method — money. Yes, your officials will do anything for that sweet sweet federal dollar, and the DoJ figures $20 million in law enforcement grants ought to provide incentive to break federal law and invade your privacy.

They will not stop. “Crazy Uncle Joe” Biden already told us as much with his usual daily moment of unfortunate candor. And they don’t care what the public wants. These would-be aristocrats want your money and your submission, and you need to make the people who support these politicians feel the pain. The best ways to do this are:

1) Firearms and ammunition manufacturers should immediately stop selling to federal law enforcement and military procurers. Yes, it might hurt your business in the short term — and maybe not even that, as hunger for your product should easily be matched by the public market. (And think of the good will you engender in your customers! Remember the backlash against Smith & Wesson and Colt in 1995?) Disarm the aristocrats’ police forces and they cannot harm you. The kleptocrats in Washington will have no choice but to capitulate or go to war with their own people.

2) Rights-loving citizens should avoid traveling to states that have strict gun laws. Don’t do business in those states. Make the people of the state pay for their bad choices in politician. After all, as “Granma Botox” Pelosi told us, “elections have consequences…” Make the people who voted for these thieves feel the pain. Hit them in their wallets and get their attention.

3) Be vigilant against the incursions of people from these states, who flee to yours and promptly start voting in Progressives (Hello, Mountain West and Texas, I’m talking to you!) Get involved in your local and state politics, and push back against the policies and ideas that ruined those states.

4) State legislators — serve your people well by getting off the Washington tit. The Founders set up states as sovereign for a reason; central governments pull power to the metropole and don’t give it up. A strong central government always wants more power and money. They get it by feeding you the slops from their table.

Above all, do not submit to unjust laws.