The former prime minister of Great Britain, Baroness Margaret Thatcher, has died. She was PM from 1979 to 1990, and gained the sobriquet “the Iron Lady” for her hard-nosed approach to the Cold War, defense, and economics. During her tenure, Thatcher was able to dismantle some of the welfare state and cut government spending — but like Reagan, this was not as dramatic as her opponents would have you think — and broke the back of the unions with the miners’ strike that had caused the once-tremendous British economy to become sclerotic. Her attempts to privatize national industry were partially successful, but again, the impact overestimated. Her standing as a small-government politician is a bit overblown, much like Reagan; she had the right rhetoric and ideas, but her implementation was necessarily hampered by the dominating Fabianism of British politicians (google it, then compare to Progressivism in the United States.)

She was the only female prime minister, and the longest serving of the 20th Century. Donna Brazile, a useless hack for the Democratic Party, asked on Twitter if Thatcher had made “political inroads” for women…well, leading a major economic and military power for 11 years for a conservative party…yeah, she did. Thatcher was 87.

(I’d point out the Democrats haven’t given us a female president, yet, although you could make a case for Jimmy Carter.)