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Dale Roberts is the executive director of the Columbia Police Officers Association (CPOA) — the largest swathe of the Fraternal Order of Police –and a professor at the University of Missouri, and an instructor at the University of Missouri’s Law Enforcement Training Institute. He had this to say about Texas State Trooper Kelly Helleson who is facing charges of sexual assault on two women during a traffic stop on Facebook (March 27, 2013): “It’s called Customer Service! We just did it so they wouldn’t have to make the trip all the way down to the station…”

Here’s a recap from Reason magazine: Angel Dobbs and her niece Ashley Dobbs definitely didn’t see it as customer service. The two women were pulled over last year by Helleson and fellow trooper David Farrell in Irving, Texas, after throwing a cigarette butt out the window of their car. Farrell came up to the car and claimed he smelled marijuana. When a search of the vehicle didn’t turn up any pot, he instructed Helleson to conduct a cavity search on the women, who Farrell said were “acting weird.” That’s when Helleson, in plain view of passing cars on Highway 161 (and the dashboard camera in her cruiser), stuck her hand down the back and front of both women’s pants, searching their genitals. To make matters worse, Helleson conducted both searches without changing her latex gloves.

Roberts is an alleged “constitutional scholar”, and does training for police, and is a major officer in their union. Judging from his statements, I think we can see why the police around the nation have such a poor track record of late in respecting the rights of the public.