Some of the comments were ludicrous, to my mind:

“…updated issue…” Because, the only issues that are important are the ones that are hip, like homosexual marriage. Property rights, gun rights, the right to due process, not spending the country into bankruptcy, those are so 20th Century.

“…offended, embarrssed, and shocked that he was allowed to speak…” Because freedom of speech only applies to those people you want to hear or agree with. This is why so many collehge-age morons think it’s okay to shout down people they disagree with, or threaten them with violence or institutional censorship, rather than tolerate differences of opinion.

You remember tolerance, right sweetheart?

“…the Rand Paul was saw here was different from the Rank Paul the media portrays…” Nick Gillespie’s question addressed this perfectly, but this man (I suspect a professor at the school) fell into the same trap as most people that get their information from dumbed-up infotainment sources like television news and NPR: Yes, the Progressive media portrays him in a light that fits their political marrative, just like Progressives get portrayed in a manner consistent with “conservative” narratives on FoxNew and talk radio.

“…I think he tailored his remarks to his audience…” Well, duh! Every speaker at every event does this. sometimes the message is completely different, as with the president; Paul has been amazingly consistent for a politician.

Response to the leopard print dress lady: To be fair, ma’am, the rank and file still haven’t seen any movement to apologize to them for the dirty dealing the RNC did to get their schmuck candidate, Romney, nominated. Nor have they done anything to actually legislate according to the rhetoric they spew…so thinking their going to cater to a demographic that doesn’t vote for them..? Well, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

“…actually, he would never get my vote…” Well, as long as your keeping an open mind!