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This state has turned into Neuvo California — a craptastic Progressive haven of idiocy…but with nicer mountain scenery. Coming hot on the heels of their assault on the Constitution with their gun bans, the Democrats Progressives want to collect DNA from anyone arrested for misdemeanors. Keep in mind that midemeanors are “Offenses lower than felonies and generally those punishable by fine, penalty, forfeitureor imprisonment other than in a penitentiary…”

In other words, these are crimes of generally non-violent nature…so why do we need DNA evidence? What is the purpose or intent of collecting DNA from every type of offender — or for that matter your children at birth, or in school? The usual answer is some mush-mouthed response about identifying victims, assailants, etc. but the real reason is control; the politicians want to be able to catalogue everyone they can, the better to find people “guilty of crimes.” Because there’s no way that you could abuse DNA evidence collected at one scene to aid in manufacturing a suspect for another. How dare you question the motives of your elected leaders? Because from everything they’ve shown me these last two decades or so, they have every intention of using everything they can to disempower me and other citizens, and empower the political class to do pretty much whatever they like.

They’ve not earned my trust, but they have earned my approbation.