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File under “Hey, South Carolina, what the F#$% were you thinking?”

Infamous former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford slunk into ignominious retirement after the public learned he hadn’t shirking his gubanatorial duties on a week-long Appalachian Trail hike, but had instead been in Argentina on an international trist. Now, like Anthony Weiner, the scumbag has slithered back into the public sphere, managing to capture the Republican primary for senate candidate.

How the hell did this guy get the backing to be the GOP candidate? Partly, he was lucky that it was a special election — they tend to be a lot more fast and loose. Like Weiner, Sanford is a talentless, immoral hack who only has public service as an career option. Politico puts it this way, “Fellow GOP pols don’t like him. Neither do female voters. His campaign is largely an exercise in seeking forgiveness for his transgressions four years ago…”

So, rather than look for a decent candidate, the GOP is stuck with a has-been that should have been a “never-was” — the sort of weasel that thrives on public attention and the privilege of “service.” Republicans are worried the campaign could blow up and hand the senate seat to the sister of comedian Stephen Colbert, Elizabeth Colbert Busch.

I mean, what could possibly go wrong? Oh, that’s right — the scumbag that abandoned his post to have a fling with some tart from Tierra del Fuego, could trespass on his ex-wife’s property. Creeping around your ex’s property using your cell phone as a flashlight…yeah, that’s not a warning bell going off.

He should lose. If Weiner jumps back into public life, he should also be soundly smacked down. These losers aren’t any better for their falls from grace, they only desire the attention and benefits that “service” gives them. As The New York Times lamented for Weiner and his wife, “Their lives have become too small, too circumscribed, too claustrophobic for a couple accustomed to public life….” Well, get me a tissue.

The hell with the “everyone needs a second chance” rhetoric — this is a bit more apropos for them…


So, hopefully the people of South Carolina will send this moron packing a second time. At least Elizabeth Colbert Busch has a fairly expensive bit of experience in the business community of the state, unlike the Argentinian Rambler. As for Weiner — after a few terms under Mayor Napoleon IV Michael Bloomberg, the city would be wise to look for someone a bit less douchy and self-involved. Like a mafia don.

UPDATE: Weiner’s already second in the NYC race? Yeah, I think I’ve just crossed over the threshold from cynicism to flat out apathy.