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90-seconds-interview-hire-you-e1354628974844What!?! Be prepared for the interview by doing basic research on the company and the job position you’re applying for? Why would you do that?

2012-professionalism-in-the-workplace-study-visual-snapshot-copyTake a good look at the “top characteristics”…9% are knowledgable? So why are you paying $40,000 (if you’re lucky) for a bachelor’s degree when you obviously didn’t learn anything? more importantly, how did you pass?

When you teach at a public institution, it’s so obvious why “kids” aren’t ready for the workplace: they show up in flip-flops and pajamas, they speak like some cartoon gangster, and the they can’t seem to grasp basic grammatical and punctuation — hell, I’ve seen papers in text-speak. (That’s a fail, DJ Dopey Stupe.) We’ve raised lazy, spoiled,  clueless kids while throwing more money at their schooling, and coddling their weaknesses to make them “better” citizens.

Guess what did develop character — a bit of hard work, a little less giving your kid stuff, high expectations, and the occasional spanking.