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1) He’s not a “kid.” He’s 19 and old enough to know what is right and wrong.

2) He’s not a “normal kid.” Normal kids don’t blow people up.

3) His brother was “controlling” him. Bull. Both brothers were hateful, bigoted men who wanted to kill Americans.

4) He and his brother didn’t act alone. They were refugees whose parents don’t make a whole lot of money…so how the hell could they afford to go to Chechnya (Dagestan, technically) to attend terrorist summer camp? I can’t get the whole family over to Scotland and the wife makes a tasty bit of tuck a year.

5) He and his brother didn’t act alone. While they could have researched bomb-making on the internet, the half-assed FBI response to and the sudden deportation of Abdulrahman Ali Al-Harbi — a Saudi national on the terror watch list that was originally a person of interest in the bombing (despite the lying protestations of Secretary Janet Napolitano to a Congressional inquiry about the man) — makes me suspect there was a connection to international Muslim terror groups that don’t fit the administration’s preferred narrative on the matter. The al-Harbi tribe has a long and storied past connecting them to terrorism.

6) Why did they do it? Islam. Dress it up with protests about the wars in Middle East and Afghanistan all you want, but ultimately, America is dar al-harb (House of War) and they viewed themselves as religious heroes for killing and injuring innocent people.

7) The media is shocked that “educated” men would commit acts of violence. This is part of the usual academic view of the world: “educated” folks view themselves as smart, reasonable, and superior to the rest of the unwashed masses.

The simple fact is much of the extreme violence of the world is attributable to highly-educated people. Religious and political figures throughout time have been well-educated, from Julius Caesar to the religious leaders on both sides of the Crusades, to Oliver Cromwell, to the scientists in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, to Mao and Pol Pot, Che Guevara to Osama bin Laden. Education is simply a force multiplier that makes murderous bastards more effective.