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Congress is currently moving to screw every American with a new law that would allow states to collect taxes from outside their jurisdictions, citing internet, interstate commerce as a reason. The idea is that mom & pop places are getting hammered by internet sales. This is patently not the case; point of fact, many of the internet vendors that work through Amazon.com, Overstock, etc. are the mom and pop stores. The main cronies behind this bill are the large brick and mortar stores that cannot adapt to the new commercial models internet-based trade has created and want the government to play the protectionist game, yet again; the other players are the states — badly managed, failing to balance their budgets by cutting unnecessary spending, and which are desperate to gin up more sources of cash to waste.

If this bill goes through, small online markets would have to content with 9,646 different tax regions and codes. It wouldn’t help you the customer. It won’t help the states plug their budget gaps. It will only aid (and not much) the big box stores.

Here’s one group fighting them: NetChoice. Contact your senators and fast — they’re poised to pass this turd to protect their big-money friends at Target and Walmart.

Here’s Nick Gillespie talking with Patrick Byrne of Overstock.com: