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Authorities decided it would be a great idea to scare the crap out of the kids of Pine Eagle Charter School in Halfway, Oregon (pop. 288), with a “safety drill” that involved two armed, masked men, but dammit! the kids were out on a half day for admin time, leaving the faux assailants to terrorize the faculty of the school.

“The goal of the drill was to learn how people would react, so better emergency plans could be made,” said Principal Cammie DeCastro. The proper response to this would have been for the faculty to beat the living hell out of DeCastro.

What are the chances of a major incident at Pine Eagle? About the same as taking a direct hit from an asteroid, but don’t let that stop the idiots in the school administration from frightening people to death. The teacher claim they learned aout reacting to an “active shooter”, but the lesson seems to be “Oh, crap, I’ll get killed if someone goes Sandy Hook on our ass.”

Scare tactics aren’t going to create prepared teachers…just paranoid ones.