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File this under “Slippery slope”:

On May 1st, Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown signed a law that allows the state to confiscate the weapons of anyone with a “criminal conviction or serious mental illness.” $24 million has been set aside to hire new “special agents” to find the 200,000 or so folks qualifying under the new law so the state can steal their property (despite the state being $34 billion in debt…)

Mind you this is not to take away the guns of criminals, but “potentially dangerous individuals…” [Emphasis mine.] So you don’t have to have committed a crime, but just be someone who the state thinks might be a danger to yourself or others (Can we add politicians to that list?) This isn’t the end of the road for the Gilded State — there are at least another 11 gun-related measures being considered as the state exemplifying bad Progressive ideas continues to find ways to steal your money, things, and rights.

And what do Californians do? Lie down and take it.

One of these scumbag politicians, Kevin DeLeon of Los Angeles (This is the same douchebag that wanted you to have to give fingerprints to buy ammo…), wants an annual permit to buy ammunition — what amounts to a user’s fee of your constitutional rights. There’s also the nickel-per-bullet tax that’s been proposed, as well as gun show “loopholes”, etc.

Have no doubt that California is the model for the Democrat’s national efforts to steal you property and rights. Until they can wrest your weaponry from you, they know that there is the risk of the population not only rejecting — but violently so — their “progressive” agenda, to whit — create an aristocratic class of “experts” and politicians that live by a separate code than you do. It’s no wonder that a new Fairleigh Dickinson University poll shows between a quarter and a third of the population believe an “armed revolution” to be necessary to protect their liberties.

Surprise, surprise…this is similar to what I’ve been seeing in people I talk to — about a third of the people I’ve spoken to who have purchased weapons recently agreed that the possibility of an armed revolt against more government intrusion was likely, and even necessary. (Admittedly, this is anecdotal, but it has held firm with Republicans and libertarians seeing the writing on the wall, and Democrats refusing to acknowledge that their fellow citizens are well and truly pissed off. And armed.

Remember, only about a third of the population backed the revolution against the British Crown. Something to think about before you keep stepping on your neighbors’ toes.