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Nothing gets the government more riled up that wasting money (Chortle! Just kidding!), or at least very visible and embarrassing wastes of money that can be turned into political hay for the news cycle. In this case, the thieves lawmakers of the House Homeland Security Committee came down super-extra hard on the Transport Security Agency for spending $800,000 a year to store the “safe…kinda” Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) X-ray machines they bought without testing when the agency was looking to peep under your clothes and irradiate you at the same time.

Finding that groping people was much more empowering for the blueshirts in the airport, and intrusive, demeaning, and/or terrifying for travelers, the ATIs have been sitting DOA in a FLF (federal leased facility. They don’t use this acronym but should, since I just made it up.) And darn it, that’s wasteful! Not the fact they bought a bunch of crap they can’t use…that they would store it in an $800,000/year facility instead of really adding insult to the injury of misspent taxes by letting it rust out in the back of some TSA facility.

So be of good cheer, America! Even if the lawmakers don’t care about the violation of your privacy and dignity, despite the fact they ignore the rampant theft of traveler’s property by federal (now unionized!) employees who can’t catch 3/4s of the weapons at a recent airport test (compared to 20% failure of private security), they really really care that the TSA is wasting your money.

Because, dammit, they could find ways to waste that money even more egregiously. Just give ’em a chance!