We covered the plight of Kiera Wilmont already:  a 16 year old girl who was curious what would have if a strip of aluminum was soaked in a bottle of toilet cleaner. Answer: it produced smoke and a great deal of gas, which popped the top off of the bottle.

Officials at Bartow High School decided to panic and call the police, then — despite said officials, fellow student, and even the police admitting there was no malice, criminal intent, or injury/damage caused — she was arrested and charged with felonies as an adult.

A massive backlash against the school, school district, and stupendous idiocy of the police is appears that Wilmont will be allowed to avoid criminal charges if she attends a diversionary program (the specifics undisclosed.) So a curious, and apparently intelligence, school-minded minority girl gets to go to a useless program run by the Department of Juveniles because…she was a good student who went out of her way, when she got curious and decided to experiment, to try her chemical curiosity in an outdoor location away from others.

This is the state of our nation.