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Now, if only the Republicans could stop viewing this through a partisan lens and start seeing this through a legal or ideological one — to whit, this isn’t a bunch of incompetents who screwed up…well, it is a bunch of incompetents, but they had every intent of acting illegally, unethically, and unconstitutionally because that’s who they are.

This is the perfect chance to rail against statism, but I wouldn’t hold your breath to be seeing any of your elected officials making a real effort to shut down the IRS and institute a simple, fair, flat tax; they won’t be hitting Holder with a “contempt of Congress” citation for his “forgetfulness” over the AP scandal; and they won’t be impeaching the president for his twice-now-ruled unconstitutional recess appointments, his illegal running of guns to Mexico and Honduras.

But it’s nice to see our would-be aristocrats twist a bit.