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After Maryland, long a land of restrictive laws, passed SB281 restricting firearms magazines to 10 rounds for all MAryland residents, including FFL holders. That means Beretta cannot import or store magazines for most of the firearms lines — from the venerable M9 (92SF 9mm and 96 .40 for civilians), to their Storm line, to the new ARX rifles that are to be released this year. “Assault weapon” restrictions mean their newest product, the ARX-160 5.56mm and ARX-100 .22LR carbine will be illegal to own in the state…and this includes FFL holders. They won’t even be able to service the products that American residents have because they will not be able to return existing weapons to their factories in Maryland.

Now Beretta is looking to decamp at least a portion of their production from Maryland to a state that recognizes your civil rights (I guessing it will be Virginia, but they’d be better off in Texas.) I’m sure all those Maryland residents about to lose their jobs thank their elected officials.