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Just in case you thought it was only the Democrats that wanted to take your guns, America, here’s Exhibit A: Mike Murphy, GOP strategist, is behind most of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns advertisements on television. MAIG is Michael “Call Me Napoleon” Bloomberg’s non-profit dedicated to stripping you of the ability to say “no” to him and other busybodies that know better than you how to live your life.

But that’s only one guy, right? So why was Pat Toomey hip deep in the gun legisation crafting in the Senate? (other than his desire to keep getting invited to all the swanky Democrat-funded parties in DC…) Why was John “Angry Gnome” McCain desperate to see a spate fo anti-gun legislation? Why was John “Crybaby” Boehner looking to do an end run around his own caucus to introduce anything that came out of the Senate?

The answers is simple: They don’t like coming hat in hand every two, four, or six years for their positions…dammit! don’t you know who they are!?! The massive hammering incumbents have taken since 2006 has them all frightened the money train could shut down.

They don’t like that you say no to them when they legislate against your interests (but for their own). Dammit! Do you know who they are!?!

They’re scared witless by the sudden backlash against their looting of the Treasury with TARP or the open money laundering by giving to unions and other interest groups taxpayer money in exchange for campaign contributions. Dammit! that’s the way it’s always worked!

They don’t like you armed, but will gladly make certain — even in supposedly “gun friendly” Texas — that they are exempt from those laws (as they are for many other laws, including being allowed to conduct insider trading.) Dammit! they’re important people! Don’t you know who they are!?! Except you can replace them very easily.

And until you are disarmed, and your children “taught” into stupidity, they cannot be what they want to be…