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Ye gods, this clip has got some of the best progressive idiocy in a long while..!

The best for me was this exchange:

“The one thing that is so amazing about democracy is is the fact that we don’t always have to have the same opinions, but we will fight to the death to be able to have everybody SAY their own opinions?”

“What about the Koch Brothers’ opinions?”

“There’s a difference between yellow journalism where only one side is being told, OR there is there is a difference between being able to express your opinions and having some one else be able to rebut….”

Here’s the not-progressive translation: 1) We want tolerance for all but opinions that do not match ours. 2) Real journalism apes the Progressive opinion. Everything else is “yellow” journalism.

Reacting to the more libertarian stances the Kochs have taken on drugs and same sex marriage. “Um, I believe that regardless of their views it’s not what the general populous needs.” Not-progressive translation: I don’t care what your positions is, I hate you because “my side” opposes you.

“Well, I feel like they shouldn’t be able to have a monopoly…” Of course, they don’t own all of the 57 newspapers in the city. 57. “…we’ve always supported the idea that papers should be owned locally…” The Los Angeles Times is owned by the Tribune Company. “…and they shouldn’t be own as part of a large conglomerate.” Oh, snap! Oh, wait… Tribune Company.