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If the law says that such a board or authority may d what it pleases, anything the board or authority does is legal — but its actions are certainly not subject to the Rule of Law. By giving government unlimited powers, the most arbitrary rule can be made legal; and in this way a democracy may be set up the most complete despotism imaginable.

Friedrich Hayek

No-knock warrants for drug crimes. FBI agents can write their own warrants without due process or probable cause. Asset forfeiture. Drone strikes on Americans abroad without due process, and evil wannabe aristocrats like Lindsay Graham want to bring it to the United States. NSA spies on American’s email, internet activity, and credit card purchases through PRISM. Verizon turns over your phone records to NSA without warrants or probable cause — and looks to be spying on Congress, as well as individuals and news reporters. Your electronic devices can be invaded by ICE and DHS if you are traveling near the border…and the courts agree. The president uses the IRS to harass political opponents. The government looks to disarm the people.

It’s not a slippery slope to despotism. We’re there.