Good news! Microsoft finally got off its ass five years after the release of the iPhone and got a native Office app out there for you. (Which suggests it should take them another two years to get something out for the iPad, despite their using the same bloody OS.) It’s free even! Except it’s not. It’s not even close to free. Microsoft — not content to have pissed off millions with Vista and Windows 8 — thought it might be a good idea to jump on the license-rather-than-ownership business model for this software.

If you don’t know, this is where you rent usage of the program — you don’t own it. Video game manufacturers are starting to trot this business model out, and I can only hope that it puts them out of business. It’s worse than the freemium crap where you get a certain level of functionality or ads embedded, unless you pay for the app; at least there, if it’s useful, you had the choice to buy. Here, you pay $10/month for the privilege of having second-rate programming for your iPhone. You’d be better off with the free Office2 or even the native Pages app.

How much did your copy of Office 2007 (or whatever) cost? Probably $200 bucks, maybe less if you had a student discount. Did you get more than 2 years or so usage out of it? So why pay more from a temporal standpoint?

Makes me glad I’ve jump to Mac.