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In a 7-1 vote on Fisher v University of Texas, the Supreme Court actually did its job and imposed a new, fairer standard for affirmative actions programs. Schools and colleges now must prove there are “no workable race-neutral alternatives” when approaching diversity on campuses. While the court did not find in favor of Abigail Fisher, a prospective white student seeking application to the University of Texas, the decision moves admissions policies toward a standard that is actually fair and non-discriminatory.

“The University of Texas admits about three-quarters of its students by guaranteeing a spot to anyone who finishes near the top of his or her high school class. When Fisher applied, the standard was the top 10 percent of the class. For the remainder of undergraduate admissions, race is considered as one of many factors.” Even considering race a quarter of the time is far too heavy a weight, when considering college admission. Much more appropriate would be to take work experience, extracurricular or voluntary activities. Skin color should not enter into the picture unless it is being used against an applicant.

The lone dissenter was the utterly useless Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and at least Elena Kagan had the decency to recuse herself, as she was involved in the case as Solicitor General.