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…sniff… It’s so sad when that Masters of Philosophy, or the Bachelors in Library Studies, or the “Cultural Studies” degree doesn’t lead to a job where you have it as easy as you did studying mind candy in college. This is a lesson we might have learned from the Soviet Union, where generals cleaned latrines and doctors of physics were working as janitors and cab drivers…just because everyone is educated doesn’t mean every one has a cushy job; you always have more need for plumbers, morticians, electricians, cab drivers, truck drivers, customer service people than you do tenured faculty at the local state university.

Basically, college grads bought into the great lie — and not you owe the government a ton of cash, you aren’t any better qualified for the jobs out there than your high school educated competition, and best yet — all those cool face piercing and tattoos mean no one is going to risk money and trust in someone that makes such obviously shitty decisions.