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Depending on the county, police in Georgia are now requiring suspected drunk drivers submit to blood tests to prove their innocence. This is already a terrible idea from the presumption of innocence standpoint, but it’s worse than that…if you refuse you are forced to give a blood sample. And even if you do submit, don’t expect the simple prick and a cotton swab…no you will be strapped to a gurney and your blood taken from you. Because officer safety is paramount, not yours.

Remember, folks, this is for a misdemeanor. Imagine the sort of thing your police will do if it were a felony. Oh…you don’t have to. No-knock warrants with dogs and homeowners killed because the police “announced” themselves by busting down your door. Asset forfeiture, including robbing citizens traveling through their juridiction. (Don’t carry too much cash…it might mean you committed a crime.) How about all the tazers, beatings, shootings that happen every year — often unnecessarily — because the police view themselves as soldiers in a war. Well, you’re not a soldier; you are a public servant assaulting the rights of the people you purport to serve.