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Tempe, Arizona has some ballsy motorcycle cops…one, this is stupidity in a car, but on a bike at 80mph?

C8E7FBF370DC1FD58171BBA6AC20_h316_w628_m5_cdvhqLODNBy the say, Ponch — that’s not just stupid, it’s illegal. But will this life-threatening jackass lose his job, as he should..? No, he’s been “counseled.”

For all you idiots that do this driving — it’s bad enough you aren’t paying attention when you aren’t messing with your phone, I don’t need to lose a leg or my life because you’re too selfish to apply yourself to driving for that 20 minute commute to work or the unemployment office. There is nothing so important you need to answer your phone or look at a text. “But my wife is in the hospital…”

Pull. The. Fuck. Over. Then make your call or text.