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“A lie can get halfway around the world before the truth gets its boots on,” said Robert Litt, general counsel for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, “Unfortunately, there’s been a lot of misinformation that’s come out about these programs.” The problem, of course, is the order of operations on this statement — the government has been lying, unceasingly and unashamedly, for years about the scope breadth, and intent of their spying on both foreign and domestic targets.

They lied about the existence of the program. They lied on their “fact sheet”, since removed after lawmakers called them on it. The president claimed the process was “transparent” because a secret court was involved in the rubber-stamping process for the law enforcement and intelligence communities’ use of surveillance and data mining. They continue to lie by spinning out different lines of disinformation in an attempt to obscure the truth by filling the news reports with chaff.

Even when they are ‘assuring” us of their intentions, they’re lying. Jane Harman, the former ranking member on the intelligence committee dropped this gem:

“Are people deliberately misleading other people? I suppose it can happen. Selective declassification that means you put out some pieces but not others. But I assume most people are acting in good faith.” Well, that’s sweet…but their actions show they are not acting in good faith. European leaders certainly seem to be in disagreement with Harman — but you have to ask how much of this is CYA; after all, NSA had agreements with the law enforcement and intelligence communities of the UK, Germany, Spain, and Italy — just to name a few. (And then there was the civilian corporate angle — one has to ask what these companies were getting for their cooperation.) There’s no way these opportunistic America-bashers did not know they were participating in a multi-national effort to spy on…well, everyone.

That’s the dirty little open secret your leaders — worldwide — don’t want coming out: This was and is not about terrorism. This is about the political classes around the industrialized world spying on their people in an attempt to control their actions.