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The Spirit of Munro was put together by the new Indian Motorcycles to preview their upcoming Thunder Stroke 111 engine that will be powering the new cycles coming this year. Constructed by Jeb Scolman of Jeb’s Metal and Speed in Long Beach, CA, it’s a tribute to the land speed racers that hit the sands of Bonneville each year, and specifically Burt Munro — the New Zealand bike enthusiast that pushed an old Indian Scout named the Munro Special from 1920 to a land speed record of 178mph in 1962 (it was an 883cc at the time), then hit 183mph for under 1000cc in 1967. (his unofficial record on the Indian was 205!) He was, at the time, 68 years old. The bike was 48 years old.

So shut up about your age, how dangerous [insert activity] is, and do it!

Here’s The Spirit of Munro running on a California lake bed. Video by Indian motorcycles…

For a nice intro to this amazing man, see the wonderfully innocent and delightful The World’s Fastest Indian with Anthony Hopkins.