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The East Valley Tribune  has an article on HB2305 — a blatantly undemocratic and unethical bill that was written by Republicans to keep Libertarians out of the general elections. It’s not the only time this happened in the 2012 election, either; Montana made similar moves to keep libertarians off ballots in their state.

Representative J.D. “Just a Douchbag” Mesnard, R-Chandler, tells us the “problem”: “All they have to do right now is get a dozen or 15 signatures and on the ballot they go…”

Oh, no! How dare the proles not vote for our party! Could it be we’ve betrayed all principle of small government, economic sanity, and personal freedom? No…it couldn’t be that!

Hey, Republicans, if you want to eliminate the libertarians as a opponents, hew to you own elucidated economic values and principles, and leave people the hell alone.