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Now, I know it’s hard to uncover news when you have a bunch of half-educated Columbia C&J grads for fieldwork and everyone else at your network is a former political operative for [enter administration name], but maybe…just maybe FoxNews or CNN or ABC, or any of the other “journalists” at the briefing could have brought up the whole up to 35 CIA agents were on site during the Benghazi attacks. Or that the guy that planned the attacks is easier to find than a joint in Soho. Or that it might have been the transshipment point for weapons to Syria or worse — something the administration had been doing in Fast & Furious to Mexico, and Operation Castaway to Honduras? Or that Boehner and other leaders in both parties in Congress actually know what happened and are working to obstruct the investigation.

Or is getting invited to White House parties more important than uncovering the truth?