Here’s a series of graphics to show the average work year for the United States compared to different countries, based on Federal Reserve Economic Data:

In this one, the shaded portion indicate the recessions, historically. I would dispute we are out of the last recession, and would suggest that one of the reasons for the failure to climb to parity with pre-recession levels of man-hours has to do with companies failing to hire new employees at full-time as they prepare for the hit from Obamacare.

us-work-hours1-620x372Now compare us to lackadaisical France (US in red). The Gallic reputation for sloth would seem to be born out…or maybe it’s hard to get a full-time job when your kleptocratic leaders strangle all enterprise:

us-france-hours-work-620x370Now, versus Great Britain:

us-uk-hours-work-620x370Now, against the “workaholic” Germany:

us-germany-hours-worked-620x370Or, Japan (US in blue, here…)


us-china-taiwan-hours-worked-620x370and Singapore