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WAVY asks if zero tolerance has gone to far — a question that was appropriate ten years ago. It’s long past time to knock off the zero tolerance nonsense, but what is worse is that this was kicked off by another self-righteous, meddlesome loser — the sort that hates themselves so thoroughly they have to crap on everyone else — who call 911 when she saw the boy playing with an airsoft gun she knew wasn’t real in his own yard.

The proper response here would have been for the police to arrest the LIQ (loser in question) for filing a false report. Instead, the child now has to worry about expulsion from his school for doing something off campus, on his own property, that was legal. It was so inconsequential that the police made no arrests and filed no charges.

People in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads should take a stand against this intrusive idiocy and push back.