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I’ve been conspicuously quiet about the “shutdown” for a reason…I’m carrying on with my life, unaffected by the president’s attempts to harass and inconvenience the People. I took a ride up to Sandia Crest on the Triumph last week, where many of the recreation areas were blocked off. i went around them. It’s public land, so f#$% the Supreme Leader and his cadre of criminals; I’m going around.

The rest of the time, the only impact is the amount of whining by federal contractors I know who are being furloughed. I feel for them personally, but it’s time for the public sector to realize they can’t keep stealing from the public — particularly when you don’t produce a public good or real service. I know that population will get serious butthurt over that statement. Tough. You’re part of a vampire class that bleeds people who produce dry. I’d say get a job in the private sector, but those jobs are being systematically destroyed by the Supreme Leader and idiotic laws like Affordable Care Act, PATRIOT Act, FISA Act, and any number of regulations that seek to arrest innovation and personal achievement for the benefit of politicians and their big money wannabe aristocrats.

The sycophants in the “news” media have been placing the blame at the feet of the House of Representatives, which is doing precisely what their constituents want — trying to avoid the disaster of the impending health care regulations — while ignoring the intransigence of the Democratic Senate and the Idiot-in-Chief at the White House. Here’s the skinny, folks: They’re all to blame. And who put them there? You. Repeatedly. If you’re going to keep voting the same morons into office you are the problem. If you really want “change”, the best you can do is regularly toss these congenital nitwits out of office.

Where I draw the line on ignoring these prats is when they actively harm people, as the Park Service has been ordered to do. I’m not talking about inconveniencing veterans trying to pay their respects at the WWII and Vietnam memorials; they are taking matters into their own hands and ignoring our Dear Emperor’s edicts. I’m talking about throwing people out of their own homes at Lake Mead, or forcibly closing people’s businesses.

That’s where people need to draw the line. “An unjust law is no law,” said St. Augustine, and the behavior of the federal government should instill no loyalty, but quite the opposite, in the American people. When someone uses state sponsored violence to harm you — whether in throwing you out of your home, destroying your business, or passing laws that steal away health coverage you paid for…resist. Passively, if you can; forcibly, if you must. You have one great weapon in your arsenal — the vote (for now.) Always vote against the incumbent. Never return people to federal office and break the hold of the would-be aristocrats on you. Press your state governments to convene an amendment convention to set term limits on all federal officials.

Fight back.