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Here’s yet another Progressive displaying the soft racism that defines them — after all, he’s only trying to be humorous! — on the next to useless Squawk Box:

Problem 1: It wasn’t funny. So right off the bat, the humor argument is shot to shit.

Problem 2: With 30 seconds research I determined that Ted Cruz father is Cuban, not Mexican (but all those brown Spanish-speaking people are all the same, right, Stevie?), and his mother American of Irish-Italian extraction.

Problem 3: If Progressives are going to bitch about how every opposition to Obama and his policies are racism incarnate, they might want to watch out for the ol’ double-standard.

The Cruz hatred on both sides of the isle shows his positions are a real threat to the Progressive Elite — the wannabe aristocrats in both parties that want to rule and rob you. Likewise, the ire directed at the House of Representatives — who are directly beholden to their constituents and are supposed to represent their interests — shows that these aristocrats do not have your interests in mind. Now, keep in mind that the Senate is supposed to slow transitory popular desires, and they are doing that. It was created to be our equivalent of the House of Lords, and they certainly see themselves as the Marquessa of Alaska, the Duke of Arizona, and the Viscount of Charleston.

Gridlock is a feature, not a bug, of Constitutional government, designed to keep all the politicians at each other’s throats so they can’t do much. That keeps us safe…or did until there was a large, professional bureaucracy that functions nearly completely independently of the legislature, and a habit of “imperial presidency” that started with Theodore Roosevelt — where presidents (who were designed to be weak leaders) operate well outside their legal mandate.

Cruz and the Tea Parties a a direct threat to the unopposed theft and meddling of the federal government, and Senator Cruz has positioned himself (for personal gain, as much as principle) as their unofficial leader. Worse, he has a habit of openly thumbing his nose at the crusty old guard baby boomers that have been ruining the nation for 40 years.

And for that, I am truly grateful.