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Here’s some delightful news and decent commentary from Pierre L. Gosselin. It’s a long post, so I’m just highlighting a few bits:

From the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ): “The rescue of the planet gets cancelled. The climate advisory council to the government played high stakes poker. And lost. They failed at tricking their way past democracy.” They are referring specifically to the failure of the notoriously alarmist German Advisory Council on Global Change or WBGU to “put global society on the fast-track to “sustainability” and an almost carbon-free society by 2050. In it the council even called for policies to water down democracy. One journalist once summarized: “The WBGU is in favor of democracy, but only so long as the people make the right decisions.

Even one of the WBGU’s own enviro-nuts is critical of the “movement”: “He and other scientists feel many climate advisors have abused their role for years: Scientists acted like politicians who applied pressure and exercised power, and did not act like scientists who show solution paths.”

Advocacy…that’s not science. It’s something worse when the goal is not “saving the planet” but forcing people to do your bidding, we call that tyranny.