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Here’s Senator Mark Pryor, desperately trying to salvage his career of raping the people of Arkansas for their tax dollars from the disaster that is the last 6 years of Obama’s reign. And when you’re up against a wall as a politician, nothing says desperation more than “God is the only perfect thing” card.

It’s all here: the starting off with the book opened at a random point — the old testament and most likely — judging from where its open — somewhere in Leviticus or Numbers. The Old Testament… the ancient Jewish stuff, not the Christian stuff (that’s the New Testament for you church goers that weren’t paying attention.) Shaking the book to show how fervently he believes. The generic “no political party is right” line, which you can parse as “I’m sorry I voted for the disaster that is Obamacare, and though it’s going to ass rape you shortly after the elections, let’s just forget about that, huh?”…because, Only God is perfect.